February 23, 2018
Sandra R. Stites, MD

Sandra R. Stites, M.D.

Specializing in: Gynecology
Locations: Quivira
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About Dr. Stites

In college, Sandra R. Stites, M.D. studied to be a chemical engineer, performing research on the mechanics of artificial limbs and the causes of specific genetic defects. She did not consider medicine as a career until she began applying her research and working directly with people.

At the urging of a mentor, she applied to medical school and accidentally fell in love with obstetrics and gynecology after watching her first delivery. "It was an absolute passion that I did not anticipate," she says. "The career found me as much as I found it. I knew what I needed to do with my life."

Dr. Stites returned to her hometown, Kansas City, in 1990 to begin practicing with KCWC. The characteristics that attracted her to this practice initially were the reasons she has stayed here for more than 20 years. "Fairness, camaraderie, respect, support, a family oriented environment and the incredible level and quality of care are definitely what sets this practice apart from any other in Kansas City," Dr. Stites says. "KCWC is always in the forefront. I love working with its respected physicians and staff."

Dr. Stites derives pleasure from developing long-term relationships with her patients. "I really enjoy taking care of my patients throughout their lives and getting to know their entire families along the way," she says. "My greatest reward is helping my patients  accomplish their health goals." While her concentration has shifted from obstetrics to gynecology over her 20-year tenure, she continues to enjoy caring for women's general health and all aspects of their lives.

Like many of her patients, Dr. Stites balances her career with her busy family life. Her husband is a physician, specializing in pulmonary and critical care at KU Medical Center. They have three children. The family's leisure time includes traveling and exploring the outdoors. Dr. Stites, specifically, has mastered the spectator aspect of fly fishing. She also enjoys photography, skiing, knitting and tennis.

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