December 15, 2017

Patient Portal

TIPS for Creating Portal Account and Completing Forms


Click on the Patient Portal Link.

Don’t have an account - CLICK on Create an Account:

Portal Logon

Log in Information: 

  1. Recommended User ID:  Use your email address, it is specific to you.
  2. Patient Privacy Info: CLICK - I acknowledge receipt of privacy information. There are paper copies at check in at each office.
  3. Intuit Terms of Service and Privacy Policy: CLICK - I acknowledge receiving the Intuit terms of service and privacy policy.
  4. CLICK - Create Account

If you just created your account you will be prompted to fill out the registration form before entering the portal.  If you already have an established account then after signing in you will be on the portal home page.

Portal home page

Patient Information Form: Please fill out completely, any box with a red * needs to be completed.

Insurance Information: Any box with a red * needs to be completed. If there is not a claims address on your insurance card, type NA on the line for the address.

After clicking SUBMIT, you should see a green circle with a white check, "Thank you for completing the registration form.  Your account has been created."

If you were told to complete and health forms before your appointment, please click on "Health Forms" in the brown box on the left of your screen.

The Patient Forms area is where you can fill out and submit your health history form and other forms related to your visit.

Patient Forms
Health forms

Click "Start New Form" to complete your Medical History Form.

NEW PATIENTS: Please fill out:

  1. Patient Authorization for Disclosure/Release of Medical Information
  2. Review of Systems
  3. Health History Form

FIRST VISIT for PREGNANCY- Please fill out:

  1. All Obstetrical Forms
  2. If you are a new patient also, please fill out the new patient forms too.

To view the Health History form you  need to  follow the directions for “cookies.” You may need to refresh your screen after making these changes.


Click on "Start New Form," maximize screen.

All sections of the health history form need to have something filled out to go on to the next section.  Either click on any appropriate history or click "None" at the bottom of the page.

Page 2 Complete Menstruation and Pregnancy Summary.

Page 3 Medications: Add your medications by clicking the link, "Search for medication name - Select."  Complete all boxes. It is important for your physician to know all your medications including directions and dosage.

Page 4 Allergies: If you don’t have drug allergies click "No Known Drug Allergies." Pregnancy Details: Add details for each pregnancy you have had and click "Save."

Page 5 Social History: It is required that you click on "Tobacco," once selected choose the details.

Page 6 Patient Medical History: Select your physician and "send form." You should see a statement “Thank you for filling out form”. Close form.